About us

Virtue Risk Partners, LLC (“Virtue”) presents a way of doing business, which includes much more than just an insurance proposal.  We are specialty underwriters whose mission is to add value to everything we touch.

Our daily value proposition is to offer quality service, solid coverage, competitive pricing, and stable risk management alternatives that will bring long term value and stability to our business partners. Our ultimate goal is to operate for the greater good of society and use a healthy portion of our profits to invest, create jobs and support worthy charitable causes.

We are program managers and long term company underwriters who support our wholesale agents with specialty products and underwriting services in all fifty states. Virtue’s team of experts collaborate closely with our carriers and wholesale business partners to deliver custom risk and insurance solutions in a highly disciplined and focused manner. With more than sixty five years of combined experience in underwriting, consulting and risk management, Virtue Risk Partners brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. We take pride in our strong and lasting business relationships with our valued partners. Our extremely motivated employees adhere to Virtue’s highest standards of underwriting excellence.

Our trusted formula generates stability for everyone we work with by writing annually renewable, relatively low limit insurance policies for small to middle market commercial service businesses. We provide world-class customer service and continue to push our technological offerings to make our customers’ lives simpler. Our marketplace insights and streamlined decision-making process ensures competitive pricing and fast turnaround time.

Our expertise and stability supports our business partners and policyholders with our:

Our current groups of products are designed specifically for consultants, contractors and engineers. They are written to accommodate general liability, environmental, and professional risks in many risk classes.  As the risks around us evolve and expand, we stay focused on providing stability and protection to our select insured.  We can also offer Excess coverage, as well as primary Worker’s Compensation and Property coverage through our carrier partners.

Either way, Virtue brings the following Core Virtues to our relationships and associated insurance transactions: Wisdom, Responsibility, Preservation, Diligence, Humility, Patience & Philanthropy.

We are also members of WSIA, Target Markets, CIWA, TSLA and the PIA.

If you need qualified insurance or risk management solutions, please contact us so that we may help you.