Commercial Liability Insurance

Today, pollution and professional risks are everywhere. Businesses are increasingly held accountable for their impact on our fragile world. Our risk control experts underwrite policies with a keen focus on your exposures and can assist in protecting your assets.

Focused on your needs

We provide custom insurance products for contractors, consultants and engineers. Environmental service businesses now have the ability to transfer their risk to one insurance policy, including general and professional liability, as well as environmental insurance and site pollution exposure.

Pollution Liability

Tough environmental disasters such as chemical spills and explosions, in addition to other catastrophic events, can be easier to endure with the right insurance coverage from a world-class organization.

News & Events

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Virtue Risk Partners is a proud sponsor of Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research, whose mission is to raise awareness and funds for research to find a cure for all types of pediatric cancer. Proceeds from every bound account will be contributed to help Rally Foundation realize its mission. To learn more visit RallyFoundation»

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Primary Workers Compensation Coverage now available!   Call us for details.

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Meet us at 2021’s annual WSIA Annual Marketplace in San Diego.  Don’t wait! Contact us and set up a meeting today.

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Meet us at 2021’s annual TMPAA Summit  in Scottsdale, AZ.  Our free time is booking up.  Contact us and set up a meeting if you are interested.

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The Virtue Team enjoys a big day at Yankee Stadium one beautiful day during the summer of 2017.

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As Virtue Risk hosted our first BIG philanthropic event in May 2018 and our amazing Virtue team assembled some of the best industry people with the biggest hearts and we raised over 80k for The Rally Foundation.  Todd Piro helped launch this “inaugural” NYC dinner event to raise awareness and money for childhood cancer research.  Little Asher Rock, from the Atlanta area, stole the show and showed everyone in attendance why they needed to participate and help make a difference.

Here is a quick video that tells you more about the Rally Foundation.  Rally operates at 92% efficiency according to audited financials. Take a look, you will be impressed. .

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Virtue Risk participated this past Thanksgiving 2018, in helping YES! Solutions feed the homeless.  Here is a link that tells you more about YES! Solutions, started by Sister Mary Lanning.  She is the most amazing person who’s goal is to fills some of the gaps in the lives of those who are elderly, poor, homeless, sick, grieving, between jobs, between homes.  We are so proud of Sister Mary and all that she does!

YES!Solutions and Sister Mary Lanning

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In 2018, Mission Gait asked Mary Bernardo to provide Physical Therapy services to a 13 year old named Ibra, an orphan from Uganda, with a very rare form of cancer in his foot.  In 2015, he couldn’t walk or go to school due to this condition.  After multiple hospitals in Uganda failed to diagnose, a non-profit arranged for his transport to the US (May 2018). Mission Gait aligned resources so Ibra could have the best care. Over the past year, Ibra went from wheel chair, to knee scooter, to using a walker, then finally to walking, running and even dancing. Ibra’s care in the states has now concluded and he is very excited to be traveling back to Uganda where he will go back to playing with his brothers and sisters and go back to school. His cancer treatments have been working and doctors are very optimistic. In this picture, he his is outfitted with specially designed shoes and he is feeling stronger than ever.  The work Mission Gait continues to do is quite special. Geoff and Mary Bernardo’s compassion for this cause and all the work Mission Gait does is something Virtue is very proud of and is honored to support.

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The 2019 picture above is of N.Rockland HS Principal, Dr. Michael Gill along with Scholarship recipient Jackelyne Palma, Aspira Club Advisor Mrs. Sidney Valerio and Virtue’s own Desiree Hernandez-Molina. The coordinator of the scholarship process, Mr. Francisco Garcia, is not pictured.

Jackelyne’s story is one to tell.  Jackelyne was brought to the US by her father when he realized her potential would be limited in Guatemala. At N.Rockland HS, Jackelyne was part of Aspira Club since her freshman year.  She volunteered at the local church, soup kitchen/food panty in West Haverstraw, she translated for Spanish speaking parents at the school during Parent/Teacher Conferences. Jackelyne graduated HS w/ honors and will pursue a career in dentistry. Her other interest is cosmetology and she is developing her own cosmetics line based on biblical references.  She is incredibly creative and very excited about her future.

Virtue’s scholarship will help Jackelyne during her first semester in college.  This cause hits home for our Desiree and her husband Miguel .   Virtue is very proud of them for wanting to give back to the people who invested time and poured wisdom in them.  Virtue is more than proud to support a philanthropic initiative that is so important, that also represents a favorite phrase of theirs …“It takes a village to raise a child.” African Proverb.

Virtue wishes Jackelyne mountains of luck and success as she begins this wonderful time in her life.

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Suzanne Stigers created Connect for Community serving those in need in the local communities since 2009, providing food and toiletries to food pantries, soup kitchens, and social service agencies.  Connect for Community  (CFC) incorporated as a nonprofit agency in October of 2010 and in 2011 became an official 501(c)(3) charity.

Virtue Risk Partners found Connect for Community, through the efforts of our own Tracey Signore.  The donation from Virtue Risk in 2019 will be used to fill over 100 brand-new backpacks with school supplies for students in need, in several NJ counties.

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THE GOOD NEW MENTORING PROGRAM is committed to mentoring the youth at Spring Valley and Ramapo High Schools, through the sharing of experiences and knowledge, while providing support, counsel, and positive influence.  They have various activities through the year to challenge students mentally and socially, encourage them to the right path towards success and happiness.  There are approximately 162 students enrolled in this program. The Good News Association Website:

Attached is a March 2020 picture of Pastor Ed Ilarraza receiving a donation from Virtue Risk Partners, LLC.

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Product Spotlight

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Our VIRTUE PACK product will allow any Environmental Service business (Contractor, Consultant or Engineer) to transfer a majority of their business risk to one insurance policy, including general liability, environmental, professional liability, and site pollution coverages.

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Our VIRTUE GUARD product will allow our Insured’s covered underground storage tanks to comply with Federal and State UST Environmental Financial Responsibility requirements.

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Industry News

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The Many Disasters Behind the West Virginia Chemical Disaster
When 10,000 gallons of industrial chemicals leak out of a tank built in the 1930s, one mile upriver from a treatment plant that supplies water to hundreds of thousands of people, it may be time for regulators to ask themselves some unpleasant questions…..

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Sinkhole the size of 20 football pitches opens up in Louisiana… amid fears it could burst into flames as it fills up with GAS.
Community forced to move out as natural gas builds up. Texas Brine being sued after collapsed salt mine created sink hole.

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37 treated after ‘bizarre’ chemical explosion in Santa Paula
After “bizarre” chemical explosions Tuesday at a Santa Paula wastewater treatment site, mandatory evacuations remain in place, 37 people have been treated, and firefighters and the plant’s owner are bewildered.

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Stormwater Runoff is a real Environmental Exposure.  To learn more read this article…Stormwater Runoff Exposure

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